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Maryam's painting
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Two girls were painting at school. One drew a cage with a bird inside it. The other one drew a tree. At night, the bird left the cage and made a nest inside the tree. The first girl drew another bird inside her cage. Then again, the bird left the cage and joined the other bird in her nest. The teacher advised the first girl to draw trees, so that the birds could return to her painting with their chicks.
Maryam's painting
Maryam's painting
Maryam's painting
Maryam's painting
Maryam's painting
Shabaviz8 2017-08-02
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• Selected artist by the Sharjah Exhibition for Children’s
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• Selected artist by the 5th Croatian Biennial of
Illustration 2014.
• Selected artist for the Illustration Exhibition at the
Art Academy of Osijek 2014.
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