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First Name:Mojdeh
Last Name:Shokri
Nationality:Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Country:Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Title: Story of boat invention
Description: 01-thousand years ago,a family were living in a dark and wettish cave. 02:children were playing in forest and they saw a floating leaf.they wandered how it doesn't drown. 03-after that ,for days the girl was thinking if they could change to small people, they might to get on that leaf and visit river. 04-father had found a big cave...however they have to pass the long river in order to move there. 05-they have found that and float on water they move to the new cave by new appliance which has been made by emptying a tree trunk.this new invention was named " boat".
Tools: Handpainted
Date: 2017-08-31
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